Thursday, November 25, 2010

PAD 25 - Animal

Bear in Winter

Come soul winter
I take to my cave,
pull up dark silence
to barricade entrance,
curl in the shadows,
dream my solutions.
When I emerge, new
life follows my footsteps.


  1. I enjoyed this movingly written poem ("live" should be "life" I believe). It would be nice to able to hibernate at will :-)
    It reminded me of scene from the Planet Earth series I recently watched where a polar bear and her newly born cubs emerge in spring from a den in the northern snows.

  2. Thanks Jan for your warm comments, and also for catching the typo, which I'm about to change. Polar bear is one of my favorite animals.

  3. This explains my feeling sometimes when I want to hybernate and when I do I come out refreshed. :)