Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PAD 9- Pace - Speed Up Slow Down

Speed up. Slow down.
Tires me, constantly
modulating my pace.
Rather be like tide,
moon, winter, coming,
going, dying, growing,
at whatever rate I will.


  1. Even I feel like growing at my pace, but would we grow if we wouldn't be pushed around by nature? BTW I like the poem because it's crisp and it describes the desire to grow as you want to really well.

  2. Yhanks madhumakhi. The concept of being pushed around by nature is interesting and fits.

  3. What I read in your poem is the difficulty in switching gears. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, at someone else's discretion oftentimes, not one's own. It would be nice to set one's own pace, as the tide does.

  4. I feel the same, Victoria. Tires me too.

  5. Interesting take on this Victoria. Life dictates our movement, slow or fast. I understand your longing for your own pace.