Monday, May 9, 2011

Clear as Now (from a so far but here prompt Mary offered)

So long ago, yet clear as now
the moments you were new.
Your own babies are two already
and I blink, still seeing you
tiny, the first time I carried you
into the door of this house.
Wonder of that beginning
has borne fruit beyond imagination.
Decision to start a generation,
so long ago, yet clear as now.


  1. Lovely poem of one generation to another, Victoria. New family life begins, and right in the SAME house!

  2. What a great Mothers Day poem. I felt a desire to write one but nothing came. I think your poem has inspired me.

  3. Wonderful poem from this prompt, Victoria. I love the image of so long ago, but clear as now. Universal mother's poem.

  4. What I love most about Mother's Day, to reflect back on the beginning.

  5. Lovely, heartfelt words about Mother's Day. Count me as your blog's newest follower :)

  6. awww tht ws so kewtt n amazin :).

  7. Oh! This made my heart sing! I Loved this and am going to share it with my friend who will soon become a mother! This was delicious to read! Thank you!

  8. What a wonderful reflective poem, Victoria!

  9. it's kinda nice
    that's all
    :)can't yap like a vegetable