Monday, May 16, 2011

In Times of Deep Sorrow

In times of deep sorrow
every night, a winter
hope costs too much
every step, a marathon
joy flits away
every kindness, a lifeline
in times of deep sorrow.


  1. I love this Victoria. Wonderful writing and such insight and wiseness in this poem about sorrow. You have such a calming voice here.

  2. You have captured the feeling, Victoria. I could not argue with any of your concise well-stated lines! Yes, every kindness IS a lifeline.

  3. oh . . how i touched thtis deep of sorrow.. well done & thank you .

  4. This is beautiful, Victoria. I wonder if when someone shows such acts of kindness, be it a word or deed, if they are aware of how much of a lifeline it truly is at these times. Lovely writing with so much sensitivity in so few words.

  5. "every kindness a lifeline". This brings tears. Yes, so true.