Monday, May 9, 2011

Summers in the Green Room

I only had three show tune summers,
dripped sweat over hand stitching
in green room, cued lines for leading
man and dreamed he'd kiss me, wouldn't
have known what to do if he had, did
the choreography in my sleep but never
could carry a tune. The tunes carried me.
I wish I'd had more summers in the green room.


  1. Victoria, this is a wonderful poem of nostalgia and yearning. I think many of us wish for summers in the green room!

  2. Wow, Victoria, an incredibly crafted poem from your incredible awareness of your life experience.

  3. This sounds blissfully sweet there in the greenroom, Victoria. Well done!

  4. Oh, that's beautiful, Victoria. I wish for you more summers just as lovely as those in the green room.

  5. What a fun memory Victoria and the description of the place as the green room ads just the right amount of mystery and makes one want to know more--though what you have included is very satisfying.