Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows

Blow out the jack-o-lanterns.
Put tired children to bed
in costume bits, capes for blankets.
Clean kitchen and eat chocolate.
Keep the light on and try to deny
the hollows, the hallows. Outside
the waxing moon knows the veil is thin.
Death rides close tonight.


  1. Wonderfully crafted, Victoria. Beginning with such a serene scene and then that waxing moon knows something more! Yikes.

  2. I love this, Victoria. Yes, death rides close some nights. But keeping a light on (or television) helps!

  3. Sweet movement from children's Halloween to the dark side, a la Poe etic, Victoria, truth, "the veil is thin."

  4. Excellent movement of feelings in this one Victoria. I like the bit of scary at the end--perfect for Halloween! Maybe none of us really gets over the scariness of this holiday. LOL

  5. This one is chilling--conveys the illusion of safety well. Yet these is warmth in these brief words as well.