Friday, October 28, 2011

Never Big Enough

Big you say
I'm big.
I'm fast.
so fast.
I'm strong.

Help me you say.
Hold me.
I'm afraid.
Keep me safe.
I'm little

Same for me sixty
as for you at two.
I'm big, strong,
competent, brave.
Please God keep me safe.


  1. Wow, Victoria. I thought how precious and true the first two were and the meanings behind the little one's words. The last stanza blew me away as I nod my head in insight. Wonderful poem!

  2. Yes, Victoria, powerful poem about strong and vulnerable. I remember Ali asking me at what age I finally knew I had it all together, was competent, brave, strong. I was 46, I said, "Not yet." It wasn't the answer she wanted, she said, "Oh no!," with horror in her voice. If we had that conversation again today, I think she'd understand, now.

  3. Thanks Judy and Willow for the comments. I understand and appreciate the story about Ali wanting to know when one was all grown up and strong. Probably the universal answer is "not yet".

  4. I agree there is a similarity in the feelings of a two-year-old and a sixty-year-old. Sometimes one feels the power, sometimes one feels the fear. I love how children verbalize / admit fears though; not as ofte do adults.

  5. Wonderful parallel! Wonderful way to connect.

  6. You really hit the nail on the head with this one, Victoria!