Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do Not Tolerate Me

Better than genocide, Jim Crow,
Better than border walls, insufficient.
Tolerance still looks down its nose.
Do not tolerate my Jewish holidays, funky
clothes, liberal politics, fear of flying.
If I offend you, upset you, shock you,
pleace tell me, ask me, work to know me.
I promise you same interest, same respect, interest.
I will not rule you out because you have
a pierced nose, wear a crucifix, vote Republican.
Tolerance is insufficient. I want to stand nose
to nose on common ground and see each other clearly.


  1. Yes, Victoria, yes! If only people would work to get to know one another DEEPLY, not only just tolerate.

  2. Thanks Mary. it pleases me immensely that this particular poem pleases you, whom I respect in areas of honoring differences.

  3. Fear is the foundation for this wall of tolerance? Wondering if for some this might be true. If only love could replace the fear.

  4. Excellent points in this Victoria!! Tolerance does indeed tend to look down its nose. I hope I am open and interested more than just talerant.

  5. An incredible poem with such substance and truth. I want more than tolerance, too, but I will settle when it comes to people who do hate crimes, criminally or morally. Powerful poem