Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Sleeping

I see you sleeping
in pile of bright pillows,
shining hair fanned out
in pale early light,
breaths even, quiet,
all promise, potential.
Dreams seem so real
in the morning.


  1. Such a beautiful poem, Victoria, full of peace and promise of sunshine.

  2. Just lovely, Victoria. I can see that hair all fanned out. Such beautiful deep sleep.

  3. Such a scene full of love and peace, Victoria. This really gave me a smile and a good feel.

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful scene you describe. Your words leave me smiling. Dreams do seem stronger, more real in the morning light.

  5. Beautiful, wonderful vision, Victoria, and the ending a punch!

  6. I agree with other comments: beautiful, wonderful scene and precious feeling. A touch of sadness - in the morning of life we have such potential, such promise - too many of us don't realize that potential.