Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poems on Female Parts

This week the prompts in my writing group were all related to "female" body parts, and though I didn't have much trouble writing the poems it was a challenge to decide whether to post them here - so personal. But isn't all poetry personal? Why fear more to share about my body than my spirit, mind, or emotions. So here goes.

Blood Rite

Menstruation links women
through inconvenience,
discomfort, shared mystery,
possibility of pregnancy,
hope for continuation of species.
Across the generations,
menstruation links women.


I still see my uterus as a nest,
fallow now, no longer feathered
with fresh red blood, not ready
to shelter new life, nest still.

For Granted

Before you were infertile,
I took my ovaries for granted
They made eggs like clockwork,
released one each month,
let babies begin inside me.
A generation later, I am
thankful for working ovaries.


Embryo implanted
in right fallopian tube,
ectopic, life-threatening.
I held you while you sobbed,
pregnant with death.


I love my breasts,
remember them young,
standing like silver pears
shining in spring moonlight,
shy, admired, adored
awaiting first love's lips.

I love my breast.s,
remember them full,
life sustaining fountains
suckled by hungry mouths,
heavy, warm, needed,
fed my babies.

I love my breasts,
warm pillow for late talk,
familiar as autumn colors,
soft in your hand, tender,
satisfied, well used,
give comfort still.


My vagina is a gate,
Life force in
Life force out


Power word for seat
of female orgasm.
Out of the shadowy
mist, down there.
Women like sex too.


  1. these are revealing and beautiful, Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lilian Susan, thank you for the comment. I went to your blog and adored what I found, but did not have permission to comment. Is there something we can do about that?

  3. You did a great job with these Victoria. So open and honest. They are tasteful and loving. I wish I could have written them!

  4. Brave and beautiful poems, Victoria. I second Peggy's words.

  5. I am amazed what you produced from a prompt that stumped me. I like the breast one best. I also get the acceptance and pride? You feel for all that makes us woman. You give me to thoughts about my feelings and I want them to be accepting and loving as well.