Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Waves and currents
toss and tangle
lines of connection
with beloved, divine.
Hell. I can't even
find my purse or shoes.
World swirls unmanageable.
I force slow breaths,
hands open, feet on floor.
I remind myself nothing
is really wrong. No one died.
The pantry is full. No one
is shooting at me or mine today.
Still I fight to move, to stand
against waves and currents
I don not see or understand.


  1. I like your calling this feeling unsettled--it is somehow more manageable than I always feel during these times. I wish I could put my finger on what causes these unsettled times. Excellent description.

  2. You caught the feeling of anxiety very well. Nothing particularly wrong, but the overwhelming fear.

  3. So powerful! Victoria. You have the gift of being able to make me feel what you do through your words. I feel the anxiety you describe so well.