Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stone 21 -Gift

Two hanks for two hands,
rose pink hand dyed in Chile,
alpaca, merino, silk, donegal
requires US size ten needles.
Soft against cheek.
Warm for winter.
Product still a mystery.


  1. The yarn sounds lovely. I hope you will take a photo of the finished product. With those big needles I am imagining it will be lacy. The "hand dyed rose pink" has me really curious.

  2. I'll take a picture Judy. I may use slightly smaller needles - want it warm, but it calls for fifteens.

  3. A lovely poem, Victoria. I am not a knitter. So many are. Diane was. I wish I wished I was, but I don't, but I appreciate those who are.

  4. What lush sounding yarn! I do love beautiful yarns!! Those doe sound like very large needles! But at least it will knit up fast if it is not a blanket for an elephant.