Monday, July 18, 2011


Daddy said
Six of one
half a dozen
of the other.
Hold your horses.
We'll cross that
bridge when we
get to it

Daughter says
Don't sweat the
small stuff and
its all small stuff.
Stay in the moment.
Be mindful. Do it now.
Worry is useless
One day at a time.

Different words.
Different centuries.
SAme wisdom.


  1. Wonderful poem of passing on the wisdom. Love it.

  2. Ah Victoria you're a genius.. I love how language changés but meaning stays thé sameangés but meaning stays thé same

  3. Yes, the messages stay the same despite the different words. Wonder what words our grandchildren will use.

  4. So true, Victoria. I'm thinking now of ways we say the same things our parents have and how our children say the same things in different ways now. Thought provoking poem!

  5. So true, Victoria. I find myself saying the exact same words as both your Daddy and your daughter. I'll be listening to my grands to see how they phrase these things. Nice poem.