Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Temptation to Panic

Dear friend called from hospital.
Rapidly worsening abcess in hand.
Surgery, IV antibiotics, scared.
I respond tenderly, matter of fact.
Of coourse I'll put a sign on his
office door, reassure his clients.
Does he need a visit, a book?
Inner voices screams He can't die.
His wife, his kids, his mother
need him. His clients need him.
I can't handle losing him yet.
He can't die.
Of course he can.


  1. This is scary, Victoria. Those infections can be dreadful to get rid of. Some are resistant to all but the strongest antibiotics. I hope they will turn this infection around. There is enough sadness with death and serious illness abounding in your world.

  2. Seems like you kept a lid on the panic...

  3. This is so powerful, so real, so true. I hope your friend is OK now. You went through the emotions well, I felt the building of fear.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments. He is out of hte hospital but the infection is far from gone - still scary.