Friday, July 1, 2011

Not Obsolete

I file old skills like pressed flowers.
Cut cloth on diagonal to tear clean.
Corn starch soothes heat rash.
Wet hat before working in hot sun.
Carry stationary to write at bus stop.
Write thank you notes within a week.
Tucks in girls skirts allow for growth.
Save buttons. Scraps make great dolls.
Dress under quilts on coldest mornings.
Start space heater before you wake children.
Sing in the kitchen. Sing on the prch.
Slow down in the heat. Cuddle in the cold.
Tell your own stories. Ask me for mine.
I file old skills like pressed butteflies.


  1. I loved reading this and some of the old skills are new to me. I'm glad you wrote them down though I've a feeling you have already passed these down to your girls. I love the singing part.

  2. Like Judy, I loved reading this. I am sure these were probably passed to you by your parents, now to your children, now grandchildren. I didn't know about tearing cloth on the diagonal.

  3. This is a beautiful poem. I love the old wisdoms, I love all the visuals, I love the last two lines especially. Beautiful.

  4. Good and solid old skills, great wisdom, so worthy of preservation. Lovely poem, Victoria.

  5. I loved this the most, so beautiful your comparison of pressed flowers and butterflies. Somehow they are so endearing as well as uplifting!

  6. "Sing in the kitchen, sing on the porch". Me, too. I love "I file old skills like pressed butterflies".......keep writing your stories, Victoria. I am fascinated:)