Monday, April 11, 2011

40 line sentence challenge -Don't Want

I don't want
to want
people I love
to act
how I want
them to act,
to choose
what I want
them to choose,
to think
What I think
they should think
to feel
what I feel
they should feel,
to live
where I think
they should live,
to eat what
I choose them
to eat
to weigh
what I think
they shold weigh,
to like
what I'd like
them to like,
to fight
when I need
them to fight,
to love
as I wish
them to love,
to need what I
need them
to need,
to be who
I decide
they should be,
but sometimes I do.


  1. Ah, brilliant Victoria, me too.

  2. Excellent, Victoria, and so very human and so very honest!

  3. hear hear, Victoria! It is so true. So much a part of the human condition. Very well put in this poem.

  4. This is brilliant, V. I don't want others to fall into my guidelines either but then, sometimes, I do. This was fun to read (and laugh at myself about).