Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Boy Blues(based on seeing the musical Carousel with 14 year old KK)

What's the deal with
good girls falling
for bad boys,
taking the blows,
hiding our tears,
waiting all night,
waiting for years,
for the 3 AM
phone call that
he crashed the bike,
got busted,
fathered someone
else's baby?

What's the deal
with boosting
his ego, covering
for his mistakes,
bailing him out,
nursing, supporting?
Do we need him weak
so we can feel strong?
Can we only be right
if he does wrong?
What's the deal with
good girls falling
for bad boys?


  1. Good poem! Valid questions that stand the test of time.

  2. This is one of my favorite musicals, and yes, Victoria, what is the deal with that?! This is an important thought-provoking poem written with your special insight. I'm wondering if it prompted a discussion between you and KK.

  3. KK actually prompted the poem with a conversation she started about how terribly sad she was about Billy Bigelow dying, and how much she wanted to love and protect his character even though she saw his weakness and mistakes. she found herself crying uncontrollably after we went out to her little house, allover the idea of Billy Begelow and that kind of man/boy. I worry about her temptation in that direction, but at least she sees it and is thinking about it.

  4. Such a good question, Victoria. I think there are a lot of different reasons. I was never attracted to the bad guys myself. They scared me. I lived with enough bad guys growing up to take the mystery out of the bad guy mistique. Good poem that asks an interesting question.

  5. I wonder about this question too Victoria--the fascination with the bad boys. Bryan tells me this is kind of the way girls/women his age are these days and he could not understand the appeal either. I find it a disturbing trend really.