Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prayer at the end of Passover

I go through the motions
to lighten my load, my mood.
I say the prayers,
light the candles,
and still my feet hit heavy,
each right step an effort.
I wish for a dancing spirit,
easy happiness, free song.
I remember that the will
to continue the effort
is sufficient, dayenu, enough.


  1. I love that the will to do it sufficient. I need that reminder and here it is. I hope your steps are lighter today. Your poem has made mine so.

  2. I understand going through the motions, but still having feet feel heavy. For me, the will to continue would not be 'sufficient' but has to be 'necessary.'

  3. For me the will to continue has to be sufficient. I ned to be able to continue,

  4. Wonderful poem, Victoria. May you have light steps among the heavy.