Thursday, April 14, 2011


I do my laundry when
the house sleeps.
Laundry takes me back.
I stand barefoot in garage
sort dark from light,
remember standing
in the same spot
thirty five years ago,
so proud of new
washing machine
in new house
to wash clothes
for new baby for
new life which continues
to unfold day by day.


  1. Cleaning and doing household chores is relaxing. Especially cleaning as it unleashes many memories that have been dormant. Well written.

  2. what a wonderful sense of history this poem has. Me? I like washing early in the morning. Fresh start, in every sense.

  3. I find laundry relaxing as well, Victoria. Soothing as the smells of fresh warm laundry and the feel as I fold. I have never minded the routine. I like to have laundry to do at night if I can't sleep. The sounds of the washer and dryer are also soothing normal sounds to me. You have sure brought up a lot of memories with this sensory poem. I love the last few lines where you talk about your life continuing to unfold. Beautifully said.

  4. I especially enjoy these comments today. Thank you my friends.

  5. I really like this poem, Victoria. And your title "Backspin" has such a subtle cleverness about it.