Friday, April 29, 2011


I grew up believing
words were magic.
I could paint any scene,
convey any idea,
share any feeling
ase any pain
if I could just
find the right words.
Now I know that isn't so.
Language ia impresise,
arbitrary, and abstract.
No matter how hard I try,
you may not understand me.
I can hurt you with my words
when my intentions are kind.
Now I know words are not magic.
Worda are metely tools, powerful
tools. I can practice using
them with increasing skill,
but if there is in any magic,
it is not in the words but
in the benefit of doubt you
give me when you listen.


  1. What an amazing poem producing such thoughtful and important words. I get it and will have to reread to get some more. You are incredibly gifted with your words.

  2. Thanks Judy. Of the poems I've written recently this is one of the most important in the grpowth of my personal understanding. It feels good that you GET it.