Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blessing for An Ordinary Day

Let me savor this day
bills, pills, homework,
dirty dishes, deadlines.
Let me savor each breath
Let me stay kind, patient.
Come death, I will wish
for one more ordinary day.


  1. Yes, an ordinary day is just fine. I think I appreciated them...until I lost them..but I appreciate them even more now in retrospect. For months now I have wished for just one more 'ordinary day.' Maybe I will write a poem about THAT.

  2. I know Mary. You were my inspiration for this poem. you probably know that. I hope you write your oem about wishing for one more ordinary day.

  3. This is a plain and simple prayer---to me. Heartfelt and essential. Thank you

  4. A prayer for everyone. I will remember it. Thank you.

  5. Heard Mary Oliver last night, she too writes of appreciating ordinary days. I appreciate your poems.

  6. Yes, I think you are right. Given the end we would ask for one more ordinary day. I love these ordinary days.