Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ten messages for ten bottles

If not now, when?
Show up.
Pay attention.
If you don't know, ask.
If you mess up, fix it.
Real is better than perfect.
Life is hard and life is good.
Love not ego.
If all else fails, be kind.


  1. I love your messages for ten bottles. I'm in hopes that ten people would get them at the right time in their lives. Life is hard and life is good is the bottle I've picked up to carry with me today. Thanks.

  2. Excellent, Victoria. Pearls of wisdom for sure. The first bottle is mine. LOL.

  3. Yes Mary, the first bottle is yours, one you left for me along the way, a message that enriches my life. Thank you for it and I hope you don't mind I passed it along this way. And Judy, I'm glad you picked up "Life is hard and life is good."

  4. Wonderful messages for a bottle or 10. I am picking up the If All Else Fails, Be Kind.

  5. I love seeing the bottles that each of us picked up!

  6. .... i come back to this often. simply a beautiful truth. thank you !!

  7. Wonderful messages, each and every one, Victoria. I choose them all, but if left with only one choice, I will take "real is better than perfect." Thank you for your bottles!