Saturday, April 2, 2011

Postcard from 60

Dreaded destination
proves minor milestone.
I thought old feel real.
I'm just myself with
aching knee, fewer days left,
more stories to tell.
Stigma of sixty is overrated.


  1. I love that you find turning 60 over rated, Victoria. I thought it was a number that meant old but now that I'm running up on 65 I'm thinking THAT is the official old number. LOL We have to enjoy where we are. I'm so glad you are, achey knee and all.

  2. No matter what age we are, we really are just ourselves, with no apparent difference that we can detect... except for some of parts running down slightly. Not that those parts are the real me anyway.
    Enjoyed this very much :)

  3. I agree over-rated. As long as one has one's health............

  4. Yes, all stigma is overrated...