Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beyond Second Thoughts

First thought: I want, I need, I feel....
Second thought: Nobody gets by with treating me like that....
Third thought: I should, she should, I shouldn't, he shouldn't....
Fourth thought: Time to breathe and consider again.


  1. Nothing is ever that simple. Just when I think I know what is good for someone else, they prove me wrong. LOL Great poem about truth..nothing is black and white and people just want to live. Often times the reason they make the decisions they do is because it's necessary for their existence IMHO.

  2. Lots to think about here, Victoria. I like...time to breathe and consider again!

  3. Wonderful and wise, Victoria. There is always time to breathe and think again, even if only briefl. I like the form you put this is as well.

  4. Brilliant, as usual, Victoria.