Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't Fix Anything, Abide

Sit with me in the dark
Don't reach for the switch.
Leave your flashlight in your pocket.
Sit with me in the storm.
Let my tears flood us both.
Don't hand me a tissue.
Things are as bad as they are.
Don't tell me they aren't.
Don't fix anything. Abide.


  1. fabulous.

    Glad to see you featured on NAPOWRIMO.

    welcome your contribution anytime.

  2. Oh yes, don't fix...when nothing is fixable...but abide.

  3. this, made . me. cry ... thank you

  4. I just love this poem and the sentiments it expresses. Don't try to fix anything, just sit beside me. Beautiful!!

  5. you are indeed a masterful poetess,

    love your piece.

  6. Victoria,
    It may seem strange to say that I like the words of this poem very much.
    I like it, because there are times, when I think we must also be allowed to express hurt, or anger. Sometimes tears are a necessary purge, of the inner spirit.
    We all have had those moments, when we appreciate the helping hand, but we need to 'have our moment 'too.
    A superb piece of writing!
    Best wishes, Eileen

    PS: Victoria, I had hoped to email you, but Google Connect, was not working.
    I would like to thank you so very much for your comments, left at my Blog. Very much appreciated and a great confidence booster!
    I will try to find an email connection.