Friday, April 15, 2011

First Grandchild

You were born
before I was ready,
I'd just given up
fantasy of being
mother again.
Grandmother came early.

You have my hair,
my shyness, a song
in your body I recognise.
You almost died,
three days and three years old.
I almost died your first winter,
had gall bladder surgery the
day your appendix came out.
Your life force and mine
seem to entertwine.
You remind me, life is temporary,
fragile, precious.

You will leave home
before I am ready.
We take dance class together,
laugh late in your little house,
knit scarves, unravel boy trouble.
Grandmother came just in time.


  1. Well crafted and authentic.

    Saw this in the Poets United feed.

  2. This is beautiful, Victoria. You and KK have such deep bonds, and she's very lucky to have you as her Grandmother. I love the image of the two of you in her little house. Precious.

  3. Another really wonderful portrait Victoria. I can so much hear your voice in this. Lovely tribute to KK and to you.

  4. Loved this part, so authentic. God bless!

    You have my hair,
    my shyness, a song
    in your body I recognise.

  5. Oh Victoria, how I love your writing! This one is so full of love - the special bond between a grandma and her granddaughter.......I simply loved every word of this - "laugh late in your little house". My granddaughter and I share cackling. Her baby son picked it up at a year old:)

    I love love love this poem!!!!!!